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The philosophy or life stance of secular humanism (alternatively known by some adherents as Humanism, specifically with a capital H to distinguish it from other forms of humanism) embraces human reason, ethics, social justice, and philosophical naturalism while specifically rejecting religious dogma, supernaturalism, pseudoscience, and superstition.Secular Humanism is a term which has come into use in the last thirty years to describe a world view with the following elements and principles.Normally when you think about the secular community, you probably think about atheists and the atheist movement, but the secular community is actually more than just.Secular Humanism is a phrase that coddles many different perspectives, and yet the tenants of what we call secular humanism is specific enough to warrant the Supreme.

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In fact, it is a force for good.

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OK, based upon another thread from someone who would like to explore philosophies beyond atheism and agnosticism, what are the differences between Secular Humanism.

Humanism is a progressive lifestance that,. and communities to defend civil liberties, secular governance, and scientific integrity.These three kinds of humanism are facing their greatest challenge, and it is not from each other.

The biggest flaw in secular humanism is its logical inconsistency.Are there any ethical values and principles that nonreligious individuals.Origins. The secular humanists believe that the entire universe and life are simply an incredible coincidence.A recent federal district court decision holding that Secular Humanist prisoners are entitled to organize a discussion groups focused on their beliefs.

Define humanism: devotion to the humanities: literary culture — humanism in a sentence.Recent U.S. elections showed a nation strongly and sometimes bitterly divided over many issues, not least the basic direction of the country.Are there any ethical values and principles that nonreligious individuals can live by.From an interfaith organization, information on the Humanist Manifestos of the 1930s and 1970s.What is Secular Humanism - Free download as Text File (.txt), PDF File (.pdf) or read online for free.

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If humanists want a worldview that consistently affirms human life in every way, they should set aside their illogical atheistic bias in order to investigate honestly.Download and Read What Is Secular Humanism Why Humanism Be What Is Secular Humanism Why Humanism Be Change your habit to hang or waste the time to only chat with your.

A nontheistic belief system based on a faith in democracy, rationality, and human autonomy.Secular Humanist - This article gives a clear and concise overview of two very different points of view.

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Secular Buddhism takes a pragmatic approach to explaining and applying Buddhist teachings and is based on humanist. and easy to understand for secular.Secular humanism is a religion and a philosophy of life which views man as the supreme being of the universe.One of the most organized, most challenging and most clearly non-Christian philosophies of today is secular humanism.

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Humanism is a democratic and ethical life stance, which affirms that human beings have the right and responsibility to give.While the humanist movement in general, and secular humanism in particular,.

There was a time when most people in our society, whether Protestant, Catholic, Jew, or nothing in particular, shared common assumptions.Secular humanism grew out of the 18th century Enlightenment and 19th century freethinking.

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The Problem with Humanism as a Worldview. Secular Humanism seems to reject the metaphysics upon which the natural rights are based.

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Secular humanism definition, any set of beliefs that promotes human values without specific allusion to religious doctrines. See more.

Secular Humanism refers to an ideology which bases its morality and decision-making on the humanist approaches of reason, justice, and ethics instead of the spiritual.Introduction As technology advances and cultural identities slowly fade, the supernatural worldview finds itself becoming increasingly unpopular as secularism.

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