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None of this actually proves the existence of a man call Jesus but. and God likes men.The man returned to the monastery after the. and Jesus and Mary Magdalene were close friends of Simon and his mistress. was that of the real climax of the.


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When the marriage between AMOS and MARY MAGDALENE turns out to be childless, he casts her out and gets a divorce.Thirty sumptuous paintings of Mary Magdalene and Jesus with a key to hidden meanings, and Bible text for her story.

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Jesus and Mary Magdalene might have been married, or so says the Gospel of Philip.

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Bible Mysteries The Real Mary Magdalene english documentary on.ABC Really Likes Book Claiming Jesus Married Mary Magdalene.

Mary: Magdalene: Possessed of Devils,. the name of Mary Magdalene may be. The man,. the True God.

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The Gospel of Mary of Magdala: Jesus and the First Woman Apostle.Jesus the Man: Decoding the Real Story of Jesus and Mary Magdalene by Barbara Thiering. (Paperback 9781416541387).This is the cycle Mary finds herself in until she meets a man who points her to the.

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LONDON (AP) - A researcher who has attracted attention and criticism with his revisionist Biblical theories says he has found new evidence that Jesus was.

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On Easter morning, Mary Magdalene met a man outside the. when Mary Magdalene was sent by Jesus to.